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Having seen Daywatch on Friday night my new favourite language is Russian. I want to be Russian. I want to name my children Russian names. Like Yegor and Anton, and Svetlana. Or Olga. But my first born son will be called Søren. After that guy in Aqua. He's Finnish.

And Conor should be in there somewhere. Yeah.



Ella my life has been crushed because I found out that Crispin Freeman is 18 years older than me. He can't marry me. I'm crushed.

I haven't written an LJ entry in so long that I'm going to align my paragraphing to the right.

Today was our first day of make up in The Crucible. Because it's stage make up we had to go two shades darker and Brittany did my make up and poked me in the eye because I wouldn't close it. Brittany's evil.

But in other Crucible news: I miss two days of school for it. Monday and Tuesday are devoted entirely to practicing, then on Tuesday some schools come in and watch us and we're filmed. Also on Monday and Tuesday lunchtime we get to go around and promote The Crucible. I plan on going up to people and shouting at them (ie. if I saw Milly) "I SAW GOODY DOLE WITH THE DEVIL!!"

Snape's on a Plane!

Lol. One.

John Proctor smells sooo good...

Today's Latin lesson was so fun! All the people who take Biology are away on camp today, so in Latin Mr. Burney brought us Milo and we had to ninja sneak along the corridor to fill our cups up with water. The sneaking was ruined though, when a Chem class came out and said they wanted Milo, and the teachers were looking at us weirdly. AND MR. BURNEY BROUGHT US PAIN AU CHOCOLAT. IT WAS SO GOOD.

And we watched insane videos on Caligula and Nero. They used weird phrases like 'Evilly suggestive caresses' and 'Nero's thin, husky voice rang out across the arena'. It was great. But Mr. Burney told us we'd see Andy, the Poster Boy for Latin, and we didn't. That made me sad.

In other, more Crucible-y news:

scott's package.

I'm sick.

On Thursday? I was in the library, had just grabbed some books to read and I sat down and looked up and there was Bonnie in the British poetry section. So we went to the art gallery so we could be pretentious and cool. And because our bags were heavy and Bonnie wanted to eat her lunch. In the art gallery we were immediately distracted by the modern Maori cloaks and how fugly they were. We really wanted to touch them but didn't. Then we went upstairs (braving the terrifying picture stairs) and found this children's art detective activity room or something. We wanted to do the art detective thing but none of the pencils were sharp. So instead we used the magnets on the magnetic wall to spell out our names. Then we were taking a picture with Bonnie's cellphone, and the art gallery attendant man came in (HE WAS SO INCREDIBLY GAY, IN THE LITERAL SENSE) and he said "You're not really supposed to be using your camera, but I'll allow it. The way I see it, it's your art and you own the copyright to it. But don't stand there too long, there's a security camera right in front of you." And we stayed in the art gallery until it closed.

On Friday night it was MOVIE NIGHT!! At Holly's house. We watched Slither at Myren's insistence, but it was gross and why was the baby holding a tomato? Seriously, no explanation, it was just there, holding a tomato. Then because Rosa didn't want to watch Reservoir Dogs we went to the DVD store and got Cube 2: Hypercube, American Pie, My Girl, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and Sixteen Candles. We watched American Pie then An American Werewolf in London, then Harry Potter. But we got bored halfway through and Daniela and I started wrestling. She's such a fucking pansy, I pinned her a gazillion times. And how come Harry Potter is so long? We were fighting for about 4 hours. Then My Girl. It's so sad, I fell asleep.

Then I had Crucible practice for 6 hours. I'm not kidding.

Last Friday was Swimming Sports, and on Saturday I got drunk at Milly's house!!

I am drunk right now and I wanted to posted this entry so i can remember what everything happened. I just did a striptease for Milly and Gini and Lucan

School has been the shizz this week.

Classics - Miss McDowell. Managed to freak out the whole class with 30 seconds of talking "My partner died and I have a new one." While she moved on with other stuff about herself, Lucy and I sat there wondering where to look.
Latin - Gah this looks ridiculously hard but I got Daniela in trouble because I revealed to Mr. Burney when she was 'sick' at the Cena Romana last year she was actually at Burger King/Merivale Mall with Gen-Gen. And Mr. Burney gave us Document Wallets and Bull Clips. Then he told us we wouldn't need our 2B8 books this year, so the first time I've ever gone to effort in covering my books, I don't need them.
IT - Today = Best Lesson EVAH. No one has internet yet, so our teacher (forgotten her name but she's peppy and rather like a kindergarten teacher) told us that we needed to decorate the box our Document Wallets will be held in. Milly and Ella and I took this as an excuse to put pictures of manga and movies we like on it.
English - Wide Reading sounds like the stupidest thing ever. I'm not allowed to read Garth Nix because his books 'are directed at a younger audience.' But the list of authors we're not allowed to read didn't say we couldn't read Marjane Satrapi OR graphic novels, so I'm going to re-read Persepolis and take down the man!! Oh and those bitches (actually I'm quite ambivalent towards them) Claire and Lydia stole my seat so I couldn't sit with Della and Gen-Gen.
Maths - Once again, neither Gen-Gen nor I had our calculators. So we did nothing. Well I drew some probability trees and that was it.
Theatre Studies - We watched the Girls' and Boys' High production of My Fair Lady while Mrs. Officer talked to people outside the class. It was boring. But OK.

I love Classics.

School yesterday, and I'm actually excited about this year. That's how good my form class is.

We have Mr. Weakley as our form and English teacher (he's so good, Bonnie cried when she found out she didn't have him), and in my class are Della, Gattey and, for the second year in a row, GEN-GEN!! So that means another whole year of jokes about anal, anime porn, and sex in general. And we get to be in the same English class again.

The only thing I'm a teensy bit worried about is that Della and Gen-Gen broke up yesterday. Della was really upset in assembly, because I think Gen-Gen did it in a bit of a dicky way. Then again, Della broke up with Myren shitfully, so Gen-Gen breaking up with Della for no reason at all is kinda like karma. But still, it's horrible for Della. She was taking it pretty well today though.